Beer encounters that will make you smile

Here it is: our first blog in English. Because we have many insta followers (@vrouwendiebierdrinken) who do not understand Dutch (weird huh). Let start off with a light but funny topic: beer encounters. Let see how these people deal with our favorite drink. Let’s delve into the internet and see what cool vids are out there.

Pro catcher

Who hasn’t seen this gorgeous catch?? This youtube video went viral because… well I mean just look at it! Some fine catcher skills from the lead singer of the band John Coffey. This band is from our beloved home country The Netherlands and it also took place at a big festival (Pinkpop) in this same country. This man will probably still be lamenting this special moment when he is in an old folks home and with good reason.

Nose Beer

Ehm, I don’t think I will try this at home but it is a neat trick. Have you ever tried drinking beer through your nose? Takes away from the taste seeing that the beer does not pass your tastebuds, but it is a nice way to entertain your guests nonetheless.

Fountain of youth

You’re just sitting there, minding your own business, having a beer, smoking a cig… and then… a little too much beer:

Bad day at work

This guy is not having a good day at work. Such a waste of all that beer. Keep this in mind when you’re having a bad day, you are not the only one!

Do you have more internet treasures? Let us know in the comments!

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